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Achieve Website Compliance with Starting Business

At Starting Business we can help you achieve website compliance, helping you to update your website to ensure that it will comply with all of the standards that will be put forward by the merchant acquirer that will be processing your transactions for you.

What is Website Compliance?

Visa and MasterCard international, as well as most other electronic funds transfer payment processors, including e-check merchant and most e-wallets, have release specific standards to which merchant websites should meet, including specific data that needs to be published, as well as what information can be captured by the merchant. Many payment processors, as well as merchant acquirers have designed their merchant application process around these standards to ensure that the merchant website is compliant according to the electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment processor.

How to achieve Website Compliance

Although the standards have been laid out by the major credit card issuing companies, they can differ from acquirer to acquirer, depending on what jurisdiction the acquirer is based in. This is due to local laws of the country where the merchant account acquirer is based. The easiest way for you to get your website compliant to acquirer standards is to ask your acquirer what needs to appear on your site, and to make sure that the needs information appears on your site.

Starting Business can help you to get your website compliant and achieve full website compliance.


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