SSL Certification

Finding SSL Certification that your website requires

Starting Business can advise you on the type of SSL Certification (Secure Socket Layer Certification) that your website requires, as well as help you to obtain the best suited SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer Certificate).

What is SSL Certification?

SSL Certification or an SSL certificate, is a Secure Socket Layer protocol designed to authenticate the server which a client’s computer connects to. This ensures that any data transferred between the client’s computer and your server is encrypted.

Who needs SSL certification?

Website security is a burning issue in today’s society, and therefore ensuring that your website has sufficient security is vital when handling sensitive data. It has become a standard that any website that collects personal or payment information to use an SSL certificate. Therefore as long as you are selling goods or services online, and collect Personally Identifiable Information and or payment details, you should ensure that data is encrypted using an SSL certificate.

What benefits do you get from having SSL certification?

Well other than the obvious security that you offer your clients, most SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer Certificates) comes with insurance for each transaction if the SSL certificate fails. Having SSL certification  also shows your clients that you are committed to taking care of their needs, and helps you to build a level of trust with your clients.

An SSL certificate is a vital part of any website accepting payments online.

For help with discovering the type of SSL Certification that your company and website requires, and help with obtaining the best suited SSL certificate, contact us today.


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