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psp software

Starting Business can help you every step of the way in obtaining the best PSP software to meet the needs of your company. We can help you locate the best software provider and integrate the system into your company.

What is PSP Software

A payment service provider (PSP) requires certain software to enable the provider to operate fully. The software used by a PSP is the back end software and is used to break all information and data into separate accounts. Every PSP must adopt the necessary PSP software in order to operate in compliance with industry standards and it is advised to seek the assistance from a professional consultancy firm when seeking software.

PSP software forms the back end of the operational side of a PSP and enables the company to transmit, store and secure sensitive data between the acquiring bank and customers. Proper software is essential for all PSP’s to operate lawfully and efficiently, and enables them to secure data for individuals to view provided they are relevant to the data. Only those associated with information held such as the card holder themselves can view the data transmitted by the software.

PSP software is integrated with the gateway and together form the framework and body for the PSP to send and receive information between the customers/merchants and the acquiring banks in a safe and secure manner. Where PSP software holds card holder information and other sensitive data the software must be PCI compliant.

Obtain a PSP Software Solution with our help

Starting Business can help you find the best software for your PSP, which is tailored to meet your business needs. We can find the most appropriate software provider and help you fill in and sign the relevant contracts and service agreements to obtain the software. Our dedicated and specialist consultants can also help you to integrate your software into your operations while providing comprehensive advice and guidance on how to use your software effectively. We will ensure you achieve PCI compliance where necessary and advise you on how to operate your PSP company in compliance with relevant laws.


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