PSP Gateway

psp gateway

A PSP or payment gateway is essential for a PSP to send and receive data and communicate the data between the acquiring bank and the merchant. Without a gateway the PSP cannot send the relevant information of payments to the acquiring bank and vice versa. When seeking a PSP gateway it is advised that you seek the assistance and advice of a professional consultancy firm.

What is a PSP Gateway

A PSP gateway is a type of software that enables a PSP to transmit sensitive data from a merchant to the acquiring back and back again in a safe and secure manner. Generally speaking a PSP gateway is essential to the effective and successful operation of a PSP and will ultimately enable payment service providers to offer complete PSP services to their merchants.

The gateway must be PCI compliant as it transmits and holds sensitive data from customers where they provide information and card details to pay for goods or services.

Obtain a PSP Gateway Solution

Starting Business can help you every step of the way in obtaining your PSP gateway and ensuring the gateway is PCI compliant. Our dedicated consultants are experienced in all aspects of becoming a PSP and can guide you on the process of acquiring the required gateway.

Our consultants can help you find the most suitable company to design and integrate your gateway software into your PSP software. We will support you in locating the best possible software for your gateway and will help you to sign the relevant contacts and service agreements with the service provider.

We can ensure you obtain a PSP gateway that closely matches your PSP operational needs and also help you to achieve PCI compliance with the gateway software. Our dedicated consultants can help you every step of the way in obtaining your PSP gateway and are on hand to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have in relation to your gateway.


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