Payment Service Providers (PSP)

Solutions we can offer to Payment Service Providers

Becoming a Payment Services Provider (PSP)

In order to become a licensed PSP you will first need to form a company with the specific intention of providing PSP services. During formation, it is important to select a suitable jurisdiction for your company as this will influence the licensing and formation stages of your PSP.

We can assist you with every stage of becoming a Payment Service Provider, including determining which payment solutions you require, and acquiring the relevant licensing documentation. In addition, we will assist you in finding the relevant acquiring bank for your PSP needs. Furthermore, we can help you to acquire the relevant software, along with its integration, and will also help you if you need assistance in developing and finding a suitable gateway solution.


About PSPs

Payment Service Providers, also known as PSPs, are set up in order to accept online payments. A PSP acts as a gateway between a merchant and a bank, as it processes transactions from a merchant to a bank or payment network.

When setting up a PSP there are certain requirements that must be met before your registration is complete. Starting Business can assist you with the complete formation and licensing of your payment service provider. We will draw on our experience and knowledge of the PSP industry, and provide complete assistance with the setup of a PSP for your specific requirements. We will provide consultancy and guidance throughout each procedure, from the licensing stages to complete software solutions.


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