Payment Processing Action Plan

Use our easy to follow payment processing action plan to guide you through the process of acquiring payment processing. It will explain to you what is required to start processing, and how Starting Business will assist you through each step.

1. Determine which payment solutions you require

In setting up a payment processing account it is important to ascertain which payment solution you require in accordance with your business needs. This will depend on the nature of your company, the jurisdiction in which you set up your company and the payment processing solutions you wish to offer to your customers. It is important to consider how you would like your customers to make payments, whether by credit or debit card, check, e-check, bank wire or other method.

View our Payment Solutions section to learn more.

2. Consult with us about the processing solution you require

Establishing which payment solutions your company requires can be difficult, and it is advisable to seek the guidance of a professional consultancy company. If you are unsure about the processing solutions you require, please Contact Us using our online contact form.

If you have determined which payment processing services you wish to obtain, please complete our Application Form. Depending on your specific company requirements, you may also need to set up a company bank account.

3. Submit payment for the services you require

By completing our pre-application form, you will need to provide us with the basic information we require in order to approach our acquiring banks and merchant partners. Upon receiving pre-approval of your application, you will need to submit the required payment of our fees in order to commence the application process. You will be advised by a member of the Starting Business team with regards to your selected services and fee payable.

4. Approval and signing of documentation

Once the forms are completed and signed, we will send them to our merchant partner for approval. Once we have received official approval on your complete payment processing application, we will send you the relevant contracts. These contracts must be signed by the director or authorized signatory for your company.

5. Integration and processing of your payment processing account

Once this is completed and you have received access to the merchant gateway, you can commence the integration of the payment gateway into your website or company. Once all contracts are signed and the payment gateway is fully integrated into the site, you are free to begin using the payment processing account, to make sales and process payments.