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Finding the best online Payment Gateway solution

Starting Business can assist you with finding the best payment gateway solution for your online business.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment processing gateway is the software that connects your website to the bank, and enables the bank to collect and process your transactions. Most normal merchants use the payment gateway that is provided to them by the bank or the acquirer that they use. However for large merchants processing high numbers of transactions, it can work out a lot cheaper to use their own processing gateway.

Who needs an online Payment Gateway?

Many merchants do not need a personalized processing gateway, as most merchant processing account providers will give merchants who use their services access to their gateway for a small per transaction fee (generally know as a gateway processing fee). However there are certain merchants or PSPs (Payment service providers) that require their own custom software, that will allow them to customize the way data is captured and processed. In the case of PSPs, many of them build their own payment gateway systems, as they will then charge their merchants the gateway processing fee. Merchants who require custom software for their processing gateway will generally have a 3rd party, who builds processing gateway software, customize their gateway for them, and then will pay the gateway processing fee to the software provider.

What are the advantages of using a custom Payment Gateway?

The main advantage of using a custom payment processing gateway instead of an online payment gateway from a processor or bank, is that it can be customized to your special needs. Additionally, 3rd party gateways can also work out cheaper than getting a payment processing gateway from a processor or bank.

If you have a merchant account, and a merchant Id, and are looking for the best payment gateway solution, Starting Business can help.


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