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Our consultants will consult with you and establish the most suitable form of merchant account to meet your online or offline needs. We are experienced in all areas of merchant accounts from obtaining the account to integrating it into your company in a cost effective and timely manner. We can also advise you on how to manage your merchant account to its full potential.

Our Merchant Account Services

There are a number of additional services that Starting Business can offer to clients seeking a merchant account to ensure all clients have access to a comprehensive range of resources and payment solutions.

Our additional merchant account services include:

Merchant Account Types

Depending on the type of company you operate and whether your company is operational online or offline, you may require a specific type of merchant account. The types that Starting Business can assist you with include:

About Merchant Accounts

A merchant account is a type of account issued by a credit card or e-check processing acquirer that is designed to allow merchants to accept e-check, credit and debit card payments from their clients. It is a necessary processing facility that enables companies operating offline or online to accept and process payments from their customers.

It also allows you to sell your goods online, as many clients prefer not to use COD (Cash on Delivery) or Bank transfers to pay for goods online. Therefore everyone who wants to increase their business should have one.

Most accounts are sought by companies with an online presence that intend to offer their customers a variety of payment options from credit and debit card processing to bank wires and e-checks. Comparatively, offline merchant accounts are primarily sought by companies operating in a physical store and using cash and POS terminals such as chip and pin machines. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may require an; international, forex or travel merchant account.

It is essential that companies seeking merchant accounts and those that wish to offer payment processing online, are operating in compliance with the relevant industry standards. Starting Business can help you achieve the correct certification to operate legally and securely.

Offline Merchant Accounts – These are designed for actual retail stores, and can be defined by the use of a POS (Point of Sale) terminal. Credit card and debit card transactions that are processed through an offline merchant account require either a signature (traditional processing) or a PIN number (chip and pin processing). Transactions processed this way are considered low risk, as are the CP or card present transactions. Because they are classed as lower risk, the discount rate and the transaction fees are lower, however offline merchants are expected to pay a monthly fee for the rental of the POS terminal.

Online Merchant Accounts – These are designed for online retailers, and use a payment gateway to process transactions. Any transactions processed through an online merchant account do not require any additional authentication (they do not require a signature or a PIN number). However these transactions are considered high risk, as they are CNP or card not present transactions. This means that the discount rates and the transaction fees will be higher, and although there is no monthly rental for a POS terminal, many online providers do have monthly minimums in place.


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