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Starting Business can assist you every step of the way with setting up an International Merchant Account. Whether you are an existing or start-up online business, we can assist you with finding the most suitable merchant account solution for companies from a wide range if industries.

What is an International Merchant Account?

An international merchant account is an account that allows online merchants to process transactions from clients all over the world, regardless of which bank issued the clients credit or debit card. International merchant accounts are designed to allow people selling goods online to be able to expand their customer base across the globe. International merchant accounts should not be confused with international acquiring accounts, as international acquiring accounts do not exist. If you have a parent company in the United States, and a subsidiary company in the United Kingdom, you can have an international merchant account for either one of the companies, but you would have to have a separate account for the parent company and the subsidiary, as the different regulations in the UK and the US mean that acquirers cannot hold a single acquiring license for both.

How to get an International Merchant Account?

Because of the ever expanding world of e-commerce, most merchant accounts that you will apply for will be international merchant accounts, this is due to the fact that the majority of credit and debit cards are issued by the same card issuers, namely Visa International and MasterCard International and therefore most merchant accounts will allow you to process a large number of international transactions too. However there are 2 major card issuers who cannot be processed with a standard merchant account, namely JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) and CUP (China Union Pay). To obtain be able to process transactions paid for with these cards, you will need to apply for specific accounts that allow you to process these cards.

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