Forex Merchant Accounts

Obtain a Forex Merchant Account for Payment Processing

Starting Business can cater to Forex brokers who are looking for online processing solutions. Assisting existing and start-up brokers with the setting up of Forex Merchant Accounts, whether it be a customized Forex payment solutions package, or even a Forex License.

Who are Forex merchant accounts for?

Forex merchant accounts are aimed as Forex Brokerage firms who wish for clients to be able to fund their trading accounts. Forex, like online gambling, needs to be licensed in order to obtain a direct merchant processing account. Licensed Forex merchants can only obtain direct processing within the jurisdiction that they hold their license in. This is not true for the EU, as the general nature of cross border agreements within the EU means that a Forex broker that holds a license within the EU is entitled to get direct processing from any bank that can acquire for European merchants.

Credit cards are not the only option Forex brokers offer

This is very true most Forex brokers have multiple payment options for their traders to fund their accounts. One of the biggest advantages Starting Business offers Forex brokers looking for payment solutions is our extensive knowledge and experience when setting up, not only merchant accounts for brokers, but our experience setting up brokerage firms. We use our wide range of experience and skills to set up the best possible payment solutions package for our Forex broker merchants.

How do I get a complete Forex merchant payment package?

If you are a completely new broker and need help with the entire setup process for your brokerage firm, as well as obtaining your Forex trading license, Starting Business are equipped to help. We can offer you a complete Forex broker package that will include your own Forex merchant processing solution.


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