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Accepting credit and debit card payments is essential for most online retailers and e commerce businesses to operate efficiently and to compete in the ever advancing market place. However, obtaining credit and debit card payment processing solutions is not always easy and so it is advised that you seek the assistance of a professional consultancy firm to guide you through the relevant steps.

About Credit and Debit Card Processing

Credit card and debit card processing is sought by most online operating companies to enable them to provide flexibility and freedom to customers in terms of payment methods. By accepting credit card payments you effectively give the customers an opportunity to pay for goods or services that they may not necessarily be able to afford at that specific point in time.

Credit card and debit card payments can be accepted either online or offline. Online credit card processing is essentially the process of facilitating the payment of customers using credit cards over the internet in a safe and secure manner. Offline credit card processing can be achieved through POS terminals such as chip and pin terminals.

To accept online credit and debit card processing you must obtain a merchant account. Not only do you require a relevant merchant account, you also need to have a registered company and a bank account to accept the funds. We can assist organizations in obtaining company formation, bank account opening and their required merchant account to enable them to process debit and credit card transitions online.

Benefits of Credit and Debit Card Solutions

The main benefits to accepting debit and credit card processing include;

  • Safe and secure method of payment
  • Anti fraud policies and systems in place
  • Convenience for customers
  • Expand customer base on a global scale
  • Broadens business network

How Starting Business can Help

Obtaining credit and debit card processing solutions with Starting Business is a relatively straightforward process and we are fully equipped to ensure you receive the most suitable payment solutions that meet your needs. Our qualified and dedicated consultants can help you obtain the necessary merchant account and advise you on how to process the credit card transactions in a safe, cost effective and timely manner.

We can assist you in obtaining the relevant merchant account, register a company and open a bank account so you can start accepting credit and debit card payments.


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