Acquiring Banks

acquiring banks

It is vitally important to have a solid and credible working relationship with an acquiring bank for all PSPs in order to offer merchants a range of merchant accounts. Finding the most suitable bank to set up this working relationship can be a complex and rather stressful procedure, and so it is advised that PSPs obtain the help of a professional consultancy firm to locate and introduce them to a suitable acquiring bank.

What is the role of an Acquiring Bank

For a payment service provider (PSP) to offer merchant accounts to merchants they must first acquire a working relationship with an acquiring bank. The acquiring bank will enable the PSP to offer merchant accounts from the bank to a wide range of merchants. The acquiring bank is a vital component to the whole process of offering merchant accounts by a payment service provider.

Starting Business can provide the necessary advice and guidance to PSP’s to enable them to offer merchant accounts from an acquiring bank.

Assisting PSPs with finding an Acquiring Bank

Starting Business consultants can help PSPs from the initial filing of documentation and application forms to setting up the relationship with the acquiring bank.

We are equipped to introduce the PSP to a suitable acquiring bank in order to establish a successful and solid working relationship. This working relationship between the bank and PSP will enable the PSP to offer merchant accounts to merchants wishing to offer their customers payment solutions.

We are experienced in all areas of payment processing and can help PSPs to fill in the necessary documentation and submit the application form to the acquiring bank. Our professional and dedicated consultants will ensure you have the support and guidance required to obtain a successful working relationship with the bank.


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