What is 3-D Secure Authentication

3-D secure authentication is a highly advanced security protocol developed for online credit and debit card payment transactions. The financial services entity Visa has been the instigator for this security measure, developing and introducing 3-D authentication as a method of enhancing security for all payments conducted through the internet.

3-D Secure Authentication and its Scope

As a security procedure, 3-D Secure Authentication allows individuals and companies to enhance their performance and catalyze e-commerce activity in international markets. Customers have the option and ability to approve online payment transactions prior to being processed by a payment gateway. The 3-D security adds an extra step to online debit and credit card payment processing, however, the additional security ensures safe transactions for customers.

The system works in the following manner;

  1. The cardholder makes a purchase by completing a payment from for the merchant.
  2. The merchant makes an authorization request to the payment gateway.
  3. The payment gateway responds with a forward_url to the merchant.
  4. The merchant redirects the cardholder to the payment gateway.
  5. The payment gateway redirects the cardholder to the issuing bank and the 3-D secure form.
  6. Once the 3-D secure form is complete, the issuing bank redirects cardholder to the payment gateway.
  7. The payment gateway redirects cardholder the approval to the cardholder.
  8. The cardholder is able to make the purchase from the merchant as the transaction has been approved through the 3D secure form.

The above mentioned procedure appears to be complex, however it is completed in a matter of minutes as the authorization requests and forms are completed by the customer entering their secure password and i-pin (internet pin).