What is a cash card

A cash card, also referred to as an ATM card, is a pocket sized plastic cash that enables the card holder to withdraw money. A cash card can be a debit card, prepaid card or a store card that allows the holder to purchase goods and services.

The scope of a cash card

Cash cards are a form of online payment solution as they allow the cardholder to conduct payment transactions to pay for goods and services. The primary type of cash card is known as a debit card and this type of card allows holders to purchase goods through the internet or at a Point of Sale terminal. The money to pay for the goods or services will be withdrawn from the card holder’s bank account.

Some banking institutions offer cash cards as a basic bank account card that has no overdraft and allows for the withdrawal of a certain amount of money each day. The cash card can be used to make online payments, telephone payments and payments at a point of sale terminal. Many banking institutions also provide the service of payment through mobile processing.

To find out which is the most suitable form of cash card to obtain to meet your personal and financial needs it is advised consult a professional consultancy firm that specialize in payment solutions. Through the expert advice and guidance of knowledgeable professionals in the field, individuals are able to ensure that they obtain the most appropriate type of card for their specific purposes. Additionally, the consultants will make sure that you obtain the cash card in an efficient and timely manner.