What is online billing

Online billing is a process of paying bills through using online card solutions such as credit or debit card payment. It is an increasingly popular method of conducting payment transactions as it is accessible to individuals worldwide.

Features of online billing

The method of online billing is an effective payment tools as it enables individuals to pay bills online in a safe and secure manner. Individuals and companies that pay their bills through online payments are provided with a reference number and their payment transaction is recorded therefore acting as proof for their payment.

In order to pay through online billing, it is imperative that the bill payer has access to the internet, a valid email address and a credit/debit card for the payment transaction. It is likely that the company ask for the individual to set up an account to manage your bill payments.

Online billing is a very convenient way to pay your bills and manage your outgoing costs in an organized manner. Many organizations that offer online bill paying will stipulate that there is a discount or reduced payment for receiving online bills and making your payments online as is saves them time, staff resources, and paper.

There are many advantages to online billing however it is important that you are fully aware of the website terms and conditions of paying your bill online as some companies will give discounts for online payments while some may change additional fees.

You will be able to print or download information regarding your bill payments to keep as a record and when you make a payment of receive a bill you will do so via email. Your online account for making online bill payments will be unique to the bill payer and you will have 24/7 access to the account.