What is an online payment solution

A payment transaction that requires the internet as a platform to be completed is called an online payment solution. In order to obtain, implement and integrate online payment solutions into a business entity, it is vital that companies seek the assistance of a professional consultancy firm.

The scope of online payment solutions

Companies that sell goods and provide services tend to offer their clients the opportunity to pay through online payment solutions. Through offering online solutions, business entities are able to cater to a wide client base across the globe. Individuals from around the world are able to access goods and services that the company offers through the internet and essentially make payments in an efficient and secure manner.

There are many different types of online payment solutions that business entities tend to offer their clients. Some of the most widely used online solutions are outlined below:

Credit Cards

These money cards allow cardholders to spend a specific amount, which is to be paid over a certain period of time, on a competitive interest rate. Credit cards offer individuals a flexible payment method as the funds can be repaid over an extended time period.

Debit Cards

These cards enable cardholders to deposit a certain amount of money in them. Cardholders are not able to go over the limit thus they are required to deposit their account regularly.


E-checks are the electronic versions of the traditional paper checques as they allow individuals to make payments for goods and services online. They offer individuals and companies a flexible and secure payment method which is recognized globally.

Mobile Payment

This online payment solution enables consumers to conduct payments through their mobile device. For example, through a smart phone such as an iPhone or Blackberry.

Business entities are advised to seek the assistance of a professional consultancy firm in order to obtain, implement and integrate online payment solutions into their company. This will ensure that the process is completed in a professional and timely manner.