What is FDMS

First Data Merchant Services is a US based payment processor company that provides merchants with payment solutions and means of conducting e-commerce. FDMS is a widely used company across the globe as they enable customers to transfer money through a secure and fast method.

FDMS explained

Most merchant choose to seek the services of only one payment processor in order to conduct their online payments. FDMS is the exclusive payment processor for a number of large organizations across the globe, one of the most prominent companies being Yahoo!

There are various payment transaction services that First Data Merchant Services provide, these include the following;

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Private label
  • Gift
  • Payroll

This payment processing company offers fraud protection and authentication services in order to ensure that all payment transactions are carried out in the most secure and private manner. Moreover FDMS is one of the few payment processing organizations that accepts and processes transactions made through electronic checks using TeleChecks.

All merchants that acquire FDMS as their payment processor must embed the Nashville Platform into their website in order to proceed with accepting online payments for their company. After the software is integrated into the company’s online ordering mechanism, FDMS will require authorization from the acquiring banks and other credit card organizations that the company engages with.

FDMS is one of the most trusted and prominent payment processors in the world. In order to find the most suitable payment processor for your specific needs, it is important to seek the assistance of a professional consultancy firm. This will ensure that you achieve your specific goals in terms of payment processing in a professional and timely fashion.