What is MasterCard SecureCode

The MasterCard SecureCode is an added security measure for online payment transactions through your MasterCard. The SecureCode is a private code that card holders use in order to protect their MasterCard account from fraudulent use.

MasterCard SecureCode Explained

The MasterCard SecureCode is an additional protocol that has been added in order to make online payments with your MasterCard safer. This security measure protects card holders from unauthorized use of their card as it requires the entry of a specific code every time that the card is used.

In order to use the SecureCode, the following steps need to be completed;

  • Register with MasterCard
  • Create a specific private code that will be the SecureCode
  • Verify Identity through answering a couple of security questions

This simple 3-step procedure enables card holders the access to a highly secure method of completing their online payments.

After registration of your SecureCode, the rest of the procedure is quite simple. Every time that the card holder goes to make an online payment, they will be asked to complete one additional step. Unless the correct code is entered, the payment will not be processed as it will be considered unauthorized. Thus it is very important to remember the SecureCode and in the case that it is forgotten, card holders are able to contact MasterCard for information on how to proceed.