Cheque vs E-Check

The popularity of electronic checks has grown over the past couple of years due to the online international appeal they bring to payment processing. However, traditional paper cheques are also favored across the globe as they offer high levels of security and confidentiality.

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Cheques and e-checks compared

There are various attributes that each type of payment solution offers but the main benefits and drawbacks are outlined below;



Advantages Advantages
  • Safe method – as only recipient can cash it.
  • Trusted – as it is a more traditional form of payment.
  • Help keep track of finances in a transparent manner.
  • Accepted and processed at many companies and outlets. Batch processed allowing account holder time to transfer funds into account if necessary.
  • Can be personalized according to company or individual.
  • High security – codes are encrypted reducing risk of fraud.
  • Simple – easy to understand and use this method.
  • Accessibility – 24/7 service all across the globe.
  • Instantly processed.
  • Environmentally friendly – reducing use of paper.
Disadvantages Disadvantages
  • Time – they take a longer time to be processed, not an instant transaction.
  • Error – cheques require a team of people to be processed thus allowing room for mistakes.
  • Fraud – cheques can easily be forged.
  • Fraud – risk of online payment transactions.
  • Trust – people are less familiar with this process so do not fully trust it.
  • Cannot be personalized – no customization in terms of branding the checks.