What is a virtual credit card processing terminal

Credit card processing terminals can be ‘virtual’ or physical in the form of POS terminals such as swipe and chip and pin machines. Virtual terminals are favored by online businesses seeking to expand their business network and target a larger market or reach global markets. Virtual credit card processing is effectively the processing of credit card payments online in a safe and secure way. For a better understanding of virtual terminals and how credit card processing can assist your business, you re advised to contact a professional consultancy firm.

Virtual credit card processing terminal explained

Many online businesses and ecommerce companies offering services and products over the internet will offer their customers the option of a virtual credit card processing terminal. A virtual credit card processing terminal will enable all customers seeking to purchase goods to pay for the goods with their credit card over the internet in a convenient and secure manner.

The virtual terminal offers customers the facility to monitor and control their online purchases and provides a safe and secure method of payment for both the payer and the business receiving the payment. Many websites using virtual terminals allow for their customers to be able to log into their own personal online account to view their purchase history and track orders.

If your business offers virtual terminals for credit card processing, your company will find it easier to obtain the PCI compliance certificate. Virtual terminals also enable businesses to save time in drafting invoices, send them out and filing them in the traditional method, and subsequently will save the business money. Online virtual terminals are often more affordable than the traditional POS terminals.