Shopping Cart

A Shopping Cart is a form of virtual checkout and electronic commerce tool which you will find on an e-commerce store. The Shopping Cart stores the online consumer’s information until they are ready to pay, and provides the platform to proceed with the payment of online goods and services.

There are various types of Shopping Carts available to online retailers, they are technically a software which is built into a website to allow the processing of orders, and storing of a product database.

A Shopping Cart functions as follows:

1. The online purchaser selects products while browsing the website which they intend to purchase
2. Items selected are automatically placed into the Shopping Cart/Basket
3. When ready to pay, clicking Checkout/Basket enables the purchaser to see the selected products, cost, and shipping details
4. The purchaser confirms the order, and selects their preferred method of payment
5. After confirmation, a receipt will be sent via e-mail or made printable to the purchaser with the details of their placed orde