High Risk Processing Accounts

Due to the vast array of goods and services that retailers and service providers can offer online, the major credit  issuers decided to issue each online industry it’s own MCC codes. MCC codes are Merchant Category Classification codes. This has enabled processors to be able to apply the correct risk code to the processor applying for an online merchant account. It is very important to be sure that the correct code is applied to your processing account, as the incorrect coding of your account can result not only in cancellation of your processing account, but also can result in massive fines being issued by Visa or MasterCard, or both if you have broken the rules for both processing accounts.

For high risk accounts, most companies only accept accounts that can be assigned a single MCC code, and if you have more than one high risk MCC code, you will have to apply for multiple accounts. 

These are the 4 largest high risk MCC codes:

MCC code 5912 – This code applies to pharmacies. Only pharmacies that fall into this code will be accepted. Also most pharmacy merchants looking for merchant accounts will most likely require a pharmacy license issued by the country where their company is registered.

MCC code 7273 – This code applies to Dating and Escort websites. Please note that this MCC code is specifically only for dating and escort sites, and cannot be used to sell pornographic material, or additional adult services.

MCC code 5967 – This code applies to inbound teleservices merchant.  This code is used for most adult processing, as there is no specific code that has been issued for pornographic transactions.

MCC code 7995 – This code applies to all betting transactions.