Gambling Merchant Accounts

Direct gambling merchant account can be obtained, however they are quite difficult to get, due to restrictions in the US and Europe regarding restrictions for online gambling. In the United States, it is illegal for any person to gamble in online casinos or in online card rooms, this means that any online gambling site targeting US customers cannot get a direct merchant account. For most of Europe, the laws for online gambling are less restrictive; however there is a stipulation that online casinos and poker rooms are licensed for gambling within the EU. If a gambling merchant is based within the EU and has an EU gaming license, they will be allowed to get a direct merchant account.

Due to the difficulty of online casinos obtaining direct merchant accounts, many of them turn to 3rd party processing solutions, which are generally more expensive than direct accounts, and due to gaming restrictions, online gambling accounts can be more expensive than other high risk merchant accounts. The other major solution that is used by most casino and poker merchants is to use e-wallets. E-wallets or electronic wallets are when a client signs up for an account with a site that offers casino funding, and then funds their account using their credit card. Once they have funded their e-wallet, they can they send the funds from their e-wallet to their gambling institution of choice.