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  • Online Payment Solutions

    Online Payment Solutions

    By providing a range of online payment solutions to your customers you can effectively meet the needs and remedy the concerns of your target market successfully…

    online payment solutions

  • E-Check Processing Solutions

    E-Check Processing Solutions

    We offer a comprehensive range of E-Check processing solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of each client according to their business specifications…

    e-check processing solutions

  • Open a Payment Processing Account

    Open a Payment Processing Account

    If you have a company that needs to accept payments, it is important to open a payment processing account as a gateway for accepting payments…

    payment processing account

  • Co-Branded Cards Schemes

    Co-Branded Cards Schemes

    EFSAG are fully equipped in helping customers to set up a co-branded credit card with the right bank and Credit Card Company…

    cobranded cards

  • Merchant Account Application

    Merchant Account Application

    Our merchant account application procedure is designed for us to be able to find potential merchant banks to accept your company for an online merchant account. Once you have completed our online…

    merchant account

What My Payment Solutions Offers

My Payment Solutions is a specialized portal dedicated to providing individuals and companies from across the globe with the best offline and online payment solutions to meet their individual needs. Our processing solutions offer companies a host of options that will match their business needs and suit their customer demand. Many of the specialized processing solutions we provide are for online businesses and enable companies to accept payments over the internet in a convenient and safe manner.

By utilizing our solutions, you can effectively reach a far wider target market with no geographic restrictions. The solutions we offer include; corporate bank accounts, co-branded card issuing, and merchant accounts for e-check processing or credit card processing.

Our payment processing consultancy services can support traditional brick and mortar stores and online retailers to obtain the most effective payment solution to optimize their business operations. We offer comprehensive assistance to clients from helping you to form a company and open a bank account in your chosen jurisdiction, to obtaining your required merchant account for you to accept payments. We can also facilitate the integration of your chosen payment processing solution into your company operations and advise you on how to manage the new payment system.

Applying for Offline and Online Payment Solutions

In order to obtain your desired processing solution, you will need a registered company and a bank account in the same jurisdiction. We can assist you in obtaining your company structure and bank account in your selected jurisdiction and will also provide advice on the most suitable countries.

Depending on the payment options you intend to supply, you may or may not require a merchant account. If your business does require a merchant account, our dedicated consultants will advise you on the appropriate steps to take and assist you in attaining one.

We will advise you on appropriate processing options to meet your business needs and guide you through every step of the way in obtaining your merchant account. In addition, our specialist consultants can help you integrate your newly obtained payment processing solution into your company operations to enable you to commence accepting payments.

EFSAG consultants can offer advice and guidance on how to use your payment solution in accordance with industry standards and relevant laws to ensure your business operates to its full potential.

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Payment Processing Action Plan

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